Writer, philosopher, poet & tech tinkerer. Just another mostly hairless ape pounding on a keyboard for attention.


This is the website of John Hogan of Carlisle, Arkansas. Just who the heck am I? No one special except maybe to my mother. I am a High School Graduate of who went on to attend two different four year universities before deciding I knew enough to begin my career without a degree.

I then went on to real life and the school of hard knocks working in the retail data processing industry before a short foray into transportation.  After this foray I returned to retail by way of a small telecommunications supplier for telecoms before eventually ending my first career working at the home office of one of the largest retailers in the nation.

I am now permanently disabled and spend much of my time working on health issues but I do look forward to a day in the distant future when I perhaps can again use my talents on some small scale to help my fellow man.  I hope to add a service section to this site this year so that people can connect here to avail themselves of some of my talents. 

I have been hearing impaired since first grade. I like science fiction, card games, MMORPG’s, coding, country music and reading. I read a variety of types of books from science fiction to mystery to history and historical fiction.

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