The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

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And why it indicates the Democrat’s wholesale refusal to learn the lessons of the 2016 election.

The election of Donald J. Trump surprised everyone but those who voted for him. Their ignorance of his appeal was a large part of his appeal. For 24 years these particular voters had been frustrated, stymied and ignored. They were promised much of the same things the Donald promised by a young Mr. Clinton in 1992. Immigration, taxes and smaller government were all policies that Donald could have ripped right from the platform of Mr. Clinton. Indeed, it is very possible that he did. Donald stole Bill’s first campaign motto: “Make America Great Again”. So, it stands to reason he at the very least has been exposed to young Bill’s platform.

Make America Great Again” – Bill Clinton tests out the phrase for his White House run in 1991. Video property of CSPAN, courtesy of their archives.

After he was elected, Clinton failed to keep many of those campaign promises and those he did keep were eroded by the his successor Presidents. That some of these failed promises is in part due to Clinton’s own impeachment making him a lame duck is not forgotten either. But, this was just the beginning of the frustration for those who eventually some 16 years later would put the Donald into the White House. The next president made essentially some of the same promises, but not a eloquently as Mr. Clinton did. George W. Bush won the White House by a razor thin margin over Clinton’s selected successor in large part because Mr. Gore promised the opposite of what Mr. Clinton had. Mr. Gore promised not to shrink government, but to expand it to a scale previously unheard. Mr. Gore instead of hitching himself to the successes of the Clinton years, hitched himself to their failures and promised to revisit and try to pass the things we had elected Mr. Clinton in spite of. But, Mr. Gore didn’t promise to do the things we wanted.

In 2001, when Mr. Bush entered office, he seemed to be taking his time with the campaign promises but he was working. His agenda easily sailed through the Republican House but stalled in the narrowly split Senate. Then 9/11 happened. His agenda and thus the needs and wants of these voters went to the back burner. Once again, they were let down. Immigration continued to assail them and provide competition for many of the few jobs open. Government and it’s accompanying regulations continued to grow frustrating many of their attempts to hang their own shingle as a solution to the job market. To top it off during this time, was the Wall Street bailout, that while it benefited them, many of them could not see how. Their frustration grew.

In 2008, a few of them took it out on the Republican nominee for President and coupled with the almost unanimous Black vote and the rank and file of the Democrats, ushered in President Obama. Obama had even made some of the same promises: tighten immigration, shrink government, etc. He then went on to undertake the single greatest expansion of government since the New Deal. He almost quadrupled the federal budget. To add insult to injury, his policies far from helping these voters, it hurt many of them. All of his promises about how the ACA would work and how it would affect their healthcare were abandoned to get it passed. In short, in their view, he sold them out to get his signature achievement: Obamacare.

Obamacare’s Broken Promises – A video by The Heritage Foundation – linked here for convenience but, it’s presence does not indicate an endorsement of my words by The Heritage Foundation nor my endorsement of every position they take.

This electorate was frustrated and angry. They were then faced with two possible replacements for Obama: Mrs. Clinton who they saw as linked to the establishment that had been thumbing its nose at them for nigh on a quarter century now; or, Mr. Trump who came from outside the political realm. He was an entertainer and he entertained. They accepted that he was a long shot to get these grievances addressed, but at least he promised to be entertaining.

And lo and behold, he has actually been succeeding or at least willing to fight for us: more wall is going up, more jobs are coming down, more money is in our pockets, ACA is getting chipped away at, etc. And to top it all off, he is entertaining us every night and day by throwing his orange middle finger in the faces of the people who have been ignoring and looking down on us all these years. Mr. Obama called us “clingers” to guns and a way of life that was no more. Mrs. Clinton called us a “basket of deplorables”. Mr. Trump listened to us. He didn’t just listen, he parroted back our ideas, hopes and dreams in entertaining if juvenile fashion. We love it!

The mistake Democrats are making is they don’t understand that all they have to do to lessen his appeal is to do the same. Listen to us. We don’t want to kick out the DACA children. But we want a wall and we want their parents to pay some penalty. We don’t want to deport everyone with an accent. But we do want those who break our laws and prey on us to not have a safe haven to do so. We don’t want to foul our land, air and water. But we would like some regulations that don’t read like War and Peace. We don’t want free things. We just want to keep what we have earned. And when you say we can keep our doctor and our health plan. Mean it! Keep your word!

By impeaching Mr. Trump the Democrats don’t understand that they are committing electoral suicide for the foreseeable future. The only way a state between the mountains will vote Democratic in the near future is if Mr. Trump switches parties. Democrats just don’t understand the depths of the frustration. Their leadership prattles on about dictators (which is irony when they have been dictating to us flyover states for 24 years) and evidence, inanities, etc. and our eyes just glaze over. Let me spell it out a bit more explicitly. You could find unseen footage on a new reel of the Zapruder film that put’s Donald on the grassy knoll or in the book depository holding Oswald’s hand. And, we would still re-elect the orangutan of an S.O.B. Why? Because, he listen’s to us and Democrats don’t even bother to disguise the contempt they feel for us! Democrats tell us what we ought to be doing. The President tells us what the country ought not be doing to us. And, that is why his voters love him. Period.